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Thread: Hirshorn Museum in Washington, DC

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    Default Hirshorn Museum in Washington, DC

    I think I fell in love with this place at first sight when I visited in my teens. Definitely not for everyone. Lots of modern and experimental art. We were there this Wednesday, and the place still never ceases to surprise me.

    I think this exhibit - which was massive - was called "Pulse", and inspired by the birth of the artist's daughter in 2003. You put your finger in a little area and it displays your fingerprint across a bunch of screens and your pulse thunders out from huge bass speakers across the room.

    Another part of the exhibit:

    Francis Bacon:

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    I love the hirshhorn, love the round brutalist building and the art, I think with the east wing of the national gallery it’s my favourite of the smithsonians, and they’re less uptight than other DC art museums too, or at least they try to be. I know one of the curators from when I lived in New York, he took the job but refuses to move to DC so he comes and goes a few times a month. This is not a creative city but the hirshhorn really tries.
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    I love Francis Bacon.

    That pulse thing sounds disturbing to me, I don't like hearing my pulse.
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    Thanks for posting this, I plan on checking it out soon.
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