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Thread: Underrated Travel Destinations

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    Default Underrated Travel Destinations

    1. Big Bend/Terlingua, Texas
    2. Iowa (friendly people and simple, agrarian lifestyle, nice rolling hills in the countryside, also the Amish around Kalona)
    3. Maine (Mt. Desert island)
    4. New Hampshire (the northern part of the Appalachians which are beautiful)
    5. Japan (inexpensive, locals are polite even though communication can be difficult at times, extraordinarily clean and safe cities, beautiful countryside - especially in the southern island called Kyushu, many temples and castles to explore)

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    South Dakota, at least the western part. There is some freakishly gorgeous country out there.
    Milwaukee - It sound lame, but I've had nothing but fun when I've visited. I feel most at home in the midwest - it's got charm and hospitality like the south without all the religious bullshit.

    I've got Big Bend on my list. I desperately want to visit, but it's really freaking far from everywhere.

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    Austria. From big city (Vienna) to the little village in the mountains. You can get everything from there and they have a very good cuisine.
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    Don't forget the Palawan in Philippines. Great island and nice people.

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