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Thread: 21 Pictures Of The Human Race That Are Simply Stunning

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    Default 21 Pictures Of The Human Race That Are Simply Stunning

    21 Pictures Of The Human Race That Are Simply Stunning | ViralMozo

    Lately in the media, all we tend to see are the bad things. Innocent people getting killed here, a building or a place getting bombed there, it almost feels like there has never been a good day for any one of us after hearing news like that.
    Letís stop and quickly remind ourselves that with the amount of unfortunate events that happen, there will always be a lot of good things to counter it because thatís how it is in the world. The world is diverse. People are diverse. These photos weíve gathered capture just how diverse the human race is, and how amazing that fact is to remember.

    1. Teary Soldier

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    War is never really a good thing. In an ideal world, if we all listened and talked, wars would never happen. But alas, the world can be unfair for a lot of people. While this soldier may be proud to serve his country, he probably isnít proud of the fact that they will have to fight just to be able to maintain justice and keep the peace. ďIím fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die inĒ

    2. A Lord Of Death

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Seen here, interacting with the tourists nearby Cancun. This is before they do a re-enactment of an ancient Mayan mission to honor the goddess of fertility.

    3. Boy Saves His Sister

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    From under the remains of their home in Syria. Syria has been quite a fragile place lately, with the airstrikes and bombings that have been occurring. It is with this that many innocent lives are taken and many locals take refuge in a safer place, or even in another country entirely.

    4. Hello

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    No we donít mean the Adele song. A lot of people everywhere say hello in many different languages, or expressed in many different ways. In this case, Maoris greet each other by doing the hongi, which is pressing their noses together. Itís adorable isnít it?

    5. Toshimana

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    She is an apprentice geisha in Kyoto, Japan. Today, she might be a successful full-fledged geisha.

    6. Taking A Break

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    These are Costa Rican gold miners taking a little lunch break before heading back inside to work the mines again. This also gives you a glimpse into the kind of living conditions that they have.

    7. Yezdidi Girl Carrying An Assault Rifle

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    In tough times like these, being able to protect oneís family is more important than ever. Especially with the oncoming threats of ISIS towards the rest of the world. This girl is very much aware of that, as she keeps an assault rifle on her person in order to protect her family from the terrorists.

    8. Bhutan Monarchs

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    With the dominance of the more modern forms of government today, itís not everyday that you get to see some modern monarchs, apart from the royal family of the UK. These two are the king and queen of the Buddhist country Bhutan.

    9. Mother And Daughter

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Itís a little bit frightening how domestic violence is a thing. This mother and he 3-year old daughter pair have been attacked by the husband/father by spilling acid on them. Despite their partially melted off and burned faces, they are still alive and well together.

    10. Chhetri Woman

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Found traveling along the valley of Dhorpatan in Nepal.

    11. The Girl Who Survived

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    It is a feat for everyone to be able to survive alone in a place with very harsh conditions. Itís amazing how much the human body can take as well. This little girl survived 11 days in the Siberian forest.

    12. A Cormorant Fisherman

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Fishing has always been around since the dawn of time. Even animals and birds have been doing it. This fisherman is accompanied by cormorants along the Li river in China.

    13. Blind Albino Boys

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Staying in their boarding room at a mission school for the blind in West Bengal in India back in 2013.

    14. The Two Brothers

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    From Pakistan. It holds truth to the belief that family comes first. These two may have gone through some tough times, but they still have each other. With the smiles on their faces to prove it.

    15. A Newborn With His Cousin

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Even if we have siblings or are only children, our cousins are instantly one of our first best friends. This 3-week old newborn with albinism soundly sleeps with his cousin in Kinhasa, Congo.

    16. An Illegal Train Ride

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    A girl hitching a train ride in Bangladesh. At the end of the day, she only needed a ride to get to the place she wanted to be. She might even have been trying to go home.

    17. A Family Meal

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Meal times are always a way to get everyone in the family together. This Siberian family enjoys a rather messy and very raw meal.

    18. Young Ship Breakers

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    The sad truth is that children are already being called in to work at a very young age. These are ship-breakers in Bangladesh who claim to already be at the minimum working age of 14. For young teenagers, the job theyíre doing is rather dangerous.

    19. Preventing Suicide

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    This is very moving photo. A girl on the bus tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist with a fruit knife. The passengers who were also on board the bus and who have witnessed it are trying to save her. With a few women holding down her arm, another woman pouring an antiseptic, and the man standing by with a roll of bandages in his hand. It shows that even though they come from all walks of life, and even though they donít know each other, they made sure that she would be okay.

    20. Afghan Skater Girls

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    Another thing you donít see everyday. These 3 Afghanistan girls have skateboards as a way of getting to the places they want to go, while also having some fun.

    21. Sharing A Meal

    © Viral Mozo 2015

    The value of sharing. A Buddhist monk sharing his meal with a hungry tiger at the Kanchanaburi in Thailand, also known as ďTiger TempleĒ.

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