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Thread: Typo on Road Sign gives sleepy English village a saucy new name

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    Default Typo on Road Sign gives sleepy English village a saucy new name

    Bungling council workmen left red-faced after unfortunate typo on road sign gives sleepy village saucy new name$sitewide%20p$4

    • 14:55, 6 Jan 2016
    • Updated 15:19, 6 Jan 2016
    • By Simon Carr , Sian Hewitt

    Sign in Pembrokeshire, west Wales gives directions to a new naughty village following contracting error

    Naughty: New Pembrokeshire walk sign

    Bungling council workmen have been left red-faced after a rather unfortunate typo on a road sign gave a sleepy village a saucy new name.

    The sign near Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, west Wales, now gives directions to Camrose under the name Cumrose.

    On Facebook, residents lined up to laugh at the gaff.

    Mark Tierney posted: “The churnworks roundabout – what a c*** up that is.”

    Anne Griffiths posted: “What a complete and utter shambles! You would think they would proof read all signs before erecting them wouldn’t you?”

    Ian Hextall added: “Perhaps they have made the proof readers redundant.”

    A Pembrokeshire County Council spokesman said they were informed of the error yesterday and did not have an exact date as to when the sign would be changed.

    They added: “It’s obvious a mistake has been made and we’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

    “Pembrokeshire County Council will not be liable for the costs of replacing the sign, that lies with the contractor.”

    Camrose now joins a long list of rude street signs which includes Crotch Crescent and Slag Lane.

    In Edinburgh Bellenden Gardens is not one of the worst or most obvious offenders.

    But when you look at the crescent in Edinburgh on Google Maps then it suddenly becomes the smuttiest place to live on Earth.

    That's because the street is shaped like a GIANT WILLY.

    Last year revealed the top 10 rudest street names in Britain.

    A study found living in a road with a smutty name is knocking an average of £84,000 off the price of a property.

    We decided to list the top ten rudest street names in the country - as judged by the impact they have on the house prices of those who live there.

    The list below shows the house price for a detached house on each of the roads with rude names, compared to the value of the same kind of property on a neighbouring street.

    Living in a road with a rude name like Crotch Crescent is knocking an average £84,000 off the price of property, a study has revealed.

    Town planners who dream up daft names like Bell End and Slag Lane are leaving families looking to sell up, out of pocket compared with those who have homes in posh sounding streets like Fieldfare Close.

    The survey by statistics expert Dr Geoff Ellis found that while risque road names like The Knob and Cock-A-Dobby raise a titter, the 22% difference in price compared with a sensibly named street a stone’s throw away is no laughing matter:

    Britain's Top Ten Rudest Street Names:
    1. Minge Lane , Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, detached house - £253,389.
    Detached house in Longfield - £325,000.

    2. Slag Lane , Lowton, Lancashire, semi-detached house - £112,620.
    Semi-detached house in Fieldfare Close - £141,297.

    3. Fanny Hands Lane , Ludford, Lincolnshire, detached house, £157,200
    Detached house in Magna Mile, £236,987.

    4. Bell End , Rowley Regis, West Midlands, semi-detached house, £126,409.
    Semi-detached house in Uplands Avenue, £187,027.

    5. Crotch Crescent , Marston, Oxfordshire, terraced house, £238,250.
    Terraced house in Ouseley Close, £280,500.

    6. The Knob , Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire, semi-detached house, £245,000.
    Semi-detached house in Glebe Rise, £249,000.

    7. Cock Lane , Farringdon, London, terraced house, £142,757.
    Terraced house in Wreford Court, £162,500.

    8. Cockshoot Close , Stonesfield, Oxfordshire, semi-detached house, £286,536.
    Semi-detached house in Longore, £304,794.

    9. Cumming Street , Islington, London, flat, £292,768.
    Flat in Britannia Street, £358,419.

    10. Cock A-Dobby , Sandhurst, Berkshire, detached house, £456,481.
    Detached house in Longdown Road, £615,000.

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    So where does this put Cumbria and Cumberland on the Offence-O-Meter?
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