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Thread: An Aussie airline Jetstar male attendant makes a 'Pregancy boo boo' with a passenger

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    Default An Aussie airline Jetstar male attendant makes a 'Pregancy boo boo' with a passenger

    Jetstar sorry for asking passenger Grethe Andersen if she is pregnant; she isn't.

    Sydney Morning Herald
    Tommy Livingston 5 hrs ago

    ( Maarteen Holl/ Fairfax NZ) Grethe Andersen says she feels self-conscious after a Jetstar attendant asked her if she was 28 weeks pregnant.

    Jetstar has apologized to a New Zealand woman after one of its flight attendants mistook her for being pregnant.

    Grethe Andersen, 24, was flying from Wellington to Auckland on Sunday for a weekend away with friends.

    While she was boarding the flight, a male attendant motioned to his stomach and said something she could not hear.

    When she asked him what he had said, he replied by asking if she was pregnant.

    "At first I thought he was asking how heavy my bag was," she said.

    "He signalled to his stomach and said 'How many weeks are you?'

    "I was stunned and shocked, and said 'I am not pregnant.' "

    Ms Andersen, from Wellington, said those around her had heard what the man said, leaving her feeling embarrassed and self-conscious.

    Once in Auckland, she raised the matter with the cabin crew leader.

    The man told her the airline usually asked women if they were more than 28 weeks pregnant for safety reasons.

    Neither the flight attendant nor the cabin crew manager apologised to Ms Andersen for asking the question.

    She posted her disappointment on Jetstar's Facebook page, with many others commenting on how insensitive the question was.

    "I was there to celebrate with my girlfriends, dress up and look good. As a woman, it's not a good feeling when you're asked if you're pregnant and you're not," she said.

    Some pregnant women posted photos of their baby bumps on the Facebook page to show the difference between Ms Andersen and themselves.

    Jetstar's policy requires mothers-to-be who are 28 weeks pregnant or more to carry a medical certificate from a doctor or midwife, dated no more than 10 days before travel, to confirm their estimated date of delivery, whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy, and that there are no complications with the pregnancy. Medical clearance is required if the pregnancy is not routine or has complications.

    The airline contacted Anderson on Tuesday evening, offering her an apology and a $NZ100 voucher.

    She said she was grateful for the call, but thought Jetstar needed to handle the matter with more sensitivity in future.

    "They need to learn new ways to approach to ask that question. It is a tough subject to approach, but it can be done way differently."

    Jetstar pregnancy files

    ▪ October 2012: Jetstar male flight attendant demands a medical certificate from Kelsey Hughes, then 21, wrongly suspecting she was more than 28 weeks pregnant. The mortified Cantabrian mother-of-one was not expecting and, at 70 kilograms, believed she didn't even look eight weeks pregnant. She was offered a $NZ100 travel voucher.

    ▪ September 2012: Wellington woman Janine McKenzie-Minifie, then 32 weeks pregnant, is ejected from a Jetstar flight from Christchurch to Wellington, despite flying with the airline only days earlier. She had been unaware of the airline's pregnancy policy and had checked with flight staff before boarding.

    ▪ August 2012: Wellington woman Sarah Clear, then 35 weeks pregnant, is escorted off a flight before take-off from Auckland to Wellington in front of 150 fellow passengers. She had flown to Auckland four days earlier and had no idea she was breaching the airline's pregnancy policy.


    *i had someone ask me the other day when i was due, to which i replied "No not pregnant, it's just a load of stubborn unbudgeable blubber in there" .. haha.

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    IT's an easy mistake to make.
    I did that not long ago, I felt so stupid. Someone I know but haven't seen for some time sat next to me huffing and puffing, legs apart, big belly in the middle and I said something along the lines oh, are congratulations in order? Fortunately she didn't understand what I said first time, so i was just mumbling never mind and changed the subject. She's always been heavy-ish, but that time she just looked preggos. She wasn't. I felt so embarrassed.

    A long time ago, i was offered a seat on a bus because i looked pregnant in a tent-like top. I was suprised but eventually we mad a joke about it; i threw the top out at home and went on to lose 5 pounds just to be sure. Damn, I should have sued the old lady for causing me distress and offending me.
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    Meh. There was no malice involved as far as the reason they asked. Be embarrassed that you're out of shape, I guess. Feeling unsympathetic today.

    Jetstar's 28-week policy seems a bit extreme and ill-managed, though!
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    a friend of mine has had this happen to her twice. not by airline employees but by strangers and someone she works with sometimes but doesn't know well at all. the guy she sometimes works with is in his late 40s, just wasn't thinking and realised his mistake when my friend replied "no, are you?" and pointed to his even more substantial gut. my friend's an apple and when she gains weight it all goes to her stomach and yes, it is a crappy feeling being asked if you're pregnant when you're not, which is why people should just shut up and never ask anyone if they're pregnant because you never know. but the airline has to ask because they have a policy and like manx said, there was no malice so really, why is this in the news?
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    With all those crucifixes on the wall, maybe the flight attendant was actually Gabriel trying to hint about an immaculate conception.

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    I remember reading an article about Carol Burnett, and before she got into shape, a reporter asked her the same thing. She was a bit miffed, but she said it got her motivated to get fit.
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