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Thread: Paris Humiliated By Gigantic Inflatable Butt Plug

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    Default Paris Humiliated By Gigantic Inflatable Butt Plug

    Paris Humiliated By Gigantic Inflatable Butt Plug
    Today 6:10pm

    It's supposed to be a tree! a tree!
    Parisians everywhere (who are members of the far-right group "French Spring") are scandalized by an art installation that is "supposed" to be a tree but appears to everyone (including you, me and even my grandma who has no idea what a butt plug is) as a toy that is meant to pleasure the inside of one's anus by blocking it with an object of considerable length and girth.

    The artist, Paul McCarthy, says that his sculpture isn't a butt plug, but according to The Daily Mail, he's also known for his provocative art, like fun animatronic sculptures of George W. Bush fucking pigs. Perhaps the conceit of the project here (and I am not an art scholar, so bear with me) is that he conceptualized the giant butt plug (and the accompanying giant butt plugs you can see, including sculptures of santa holding butt plugs because...) as a provocative object meant to get a reaction and turn it around on the viewer.
    "It's a tree," McCarthy might say to a disgruntled Parisian conservative who is angry that this is where the city's taxes are going. "If you see a butt plug, well then that's your own issue, you know? That's just like your opinion, man. And for someone who's so against gay marriage, why are you so worried about ass play anyway?"
    For the record: It's totally a bunch of butt plugs.
    Images via Instagram


    of course i absolutely love this.
    i saw one of w. bush fucking pigs pieces years ago in venice. insane.

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    I can't imagine a Parisian feeling scandalized. I just looked closer, they put it in the Place Vendome?? The Ritz! I wonder who was the official to sign that paper? Oy.

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    Dammit I thought this was going to be a story about Paris Hilton getting her luggage searched while the paps took pics. *disappointed*

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    Yeah, disappointed about the Paris Hilton aspect of it too. I was hoping she got strip-searched at Charles deGaulle and it was found there.
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    You people should know better, you know we require full names in thread titles!

    It was my first thought too, though...
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    I am saddened by my own slavery to modern culture and celebrity that my first thought when I read "Paris" was Hilton and NOT the capital city of France. Jeesh.
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    i read another article about this. some random guy came up to the artist slapped him in the face.

    17 October 2014 Last updated at 09:23 ETShare this page

    Paris 'sex toy' sculpture raises storm

    A huge, green, inflatable sculpture on a famous Paris square has raised a storm for its resemblance to a sex toy, with the artist attacked in the street.
    US artist Paul McCarthy told French newspaper Le Monde that his work entitled Tree had been inspired both by a sex toy and a Christmas tree.
    When he went to see it on Place Vendome, a man slapped his face before running away, the paper says.
    But social media is crackling with jokes about the 24m (79ft) inflatable.
    McCarthy, 69, whose previous installations have shocked viewers in the Netherlands and Switzerland, told Le Monde in an interview (in French)that Tree was an "abstract work" rooted in a joke about a sex toy.
    The new sculpture stands near the Vendome Column
    The stranger, who slapped him three times, shouted that he was not French and that his work had "no business being on the square", the paper writes.
    Unhurt but shocked by the assault, McCarthy asked: "Does this kind of thing happen often in France?"
    The attack was condemned by bloggers on social media, as "Vendome" continued to trend on French Twitter on Friday, the day after Tree was installed.
    "You have to be really dumb to attack the artist Paul McCarthy for his work on Place Vendome, whether you like it or not," wrote one.
    Indignant comments about Tree itself included "Place Vendome defaced!" and "Paris humiliated!"
    The square with its towering Column, Napoleon's monument to the Battle of Austerlitz (closed until next year for restoration), is famous for its luxury hotels such as the Ritz.
    Other bloggers gleefully punned on the word sapin - the French word for fir tree but also the surname of Michel Sapin, the cabinet minister presiding over France's ailing finances.
    I'm open to everything. When you start to criticise the times you live in, your time is over. - Karl Lagerfeld

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    I read too fast and thought it was Paris' take on a Xmas tree and they'd started Xmas decorations a bit early this year. It doesn't really look like a butt plug to me. Not sure what those look like, though. It's just ugly. I wouldn't want it in my street and I wouldn't want it in my photos of Paris as a tourist either.

    ETA: I just googled butt plug. Ewww. It does look exactly like one.
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    At this whole thread.
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    In that last picture, I totally thought 'how cool, some concept artist came up with a pre-fab, modular, boxed 'every monument'. Don't even need the structure, just the box it's delivered in. Yeah, I'm a ma-roon for not knowing about the Vendome Column.
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    Some wankers deflated it today.
    It's no longer a dog whistle, it's a fucking trombone

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    I'm open to everything. When you start to criticise the times you live in, your time is over. - Karl Lagerfeld

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    Ahh well. I don't usually condone the destruction of art but I highly doubt the artist actually put much thought or work into his butt plug "tree". It was an ugly and uncreative waste of money.
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