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Thread: Awesome Iceland: Photos reveal dramatic landscapes that have inspired film locations

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    Default Awesome Iceland: Photos reveal dramatic landscapes that have inspired film locations

    Awesome Iceland: Breathtaking photos reveal the dramatic landscapes that have inspired Hollywood film locations


    Iceland has become a favourite filming spot for Hollywood movies and these spectacular images certainly show why.
    Known as the 'Land of Fire and Ice', the spectacular Nordic island has been used as a location for the box office hits Prometheus and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as well as the fantasy series Game of Thrones.
    With stunning scenery and otherworldly vistas, it is also a photographer's dream, says Peter Rolf Hammer, who captured these amazing photos on a five-week journey across the country.

    Awe-inspiring: A spectacular rainbow curves over Kirkjufell, in Iceland, snapped by photographer Peter Rolf Hammer

    Hollywood favourite: A scene from Ridley Scott's Prometheus, which was filmed at the Dettifoss waterfall in Iceland

    Pining for the fjords: The sun casts a golden glow over this deep fjord in the west of Iceland, near the town of Borgarnes

    Alive with colour: The beauty of the country sometimes seems other wordly, particularly at the Dynjandi waterfall in the western fjords

    The Australian, from Melbourne, was inspired by Iceland's varied landscape, from geysers and waterfalls to volcanoes and mountains.
    He said: 'It's no surprise at all that Hollywood is filming in Iceland. The scenery is spectacular.'

    The 69 year old retired electronic engineer spent five weeks travelling around Iceland in a bid to capture its beauty on film and the results are an awe-inspiring set of snaps, filled with rugged landscapes and dramatic scenes.
    He said: 'I have always liked to travel to places which are not your average tourist destination and where you can see dramatic landscapes.

    Nature at its most dramatic: The spectacular scenery and remote locations in Iceland have made it a favourite with Hollywood for films and TV series

    Life's a beach: Eerie rock formations emerge from the water forming the sea stacks on Reynisfjara beach, near Vik, on the south coast

    Mirror image: The sun and clouds and reflected perfectly in the still waters of a fjord on the east coast

    Celestial stunner: Peter travelled more than 4,000 miles across Iceland seeing everything from dramatic coastlines to the Northern Lights

    Road with a view: Peter was travelling form Isafjordur to the Dynjandi waterfall in western Iceland when he captured this moody scene out to sea

    'The scenery in Iceland is so dramatic and varied from thermal areas to glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, glacial lagoons and seascapes.'

    But he added: 'It's not always easy to handle the photographic side of things when you're being blown around in the rain though.'

    Iceland has also been used as a alocation for the films Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Batman Begins and James Bond's Die Another Day.
    Peter travelled more than 4,000 miles across Iceland, photographing the majority of the country.

    Frozen: A glacier winds its way down the mountainside forming what looks like a beautiful white river

    Chilly reception: Peter snapped the blue hues of the ice reflected in the water at the Jokulsalron Glacial Lagoon

    Big skies: The clouds steal the show in this picture of the Grundarfjordur peninsula in the west of Iceland

    On the rocks: The cliffs at Ondverdarnes give a spectacular view of the black waters swirling below and the green moss clinging to the rocks

    Memories of a tragedy: A ship wreck rusts on the black beach of Dritvik Cove, which used to be an important fishing centre

    He visited Sanefellsnes, Grundarfjordur, Ondverdarnes and Arnarstapi, as well as the stunning Godafoss falls.

    Godafoss is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, with water falling from a height of 40ft.

    Peter says: 'Some of the images I took on iced roads were tricky, as the ice is slippery and falling would not have been nice.

    'A fair amount of effort is made to try and keep comfortable, but the beauty of the landscape tends to take over.'

    In bloom: Snaefellsnes is known as Iceland in Miniature, because many country's most famous sights can be found in the area

    Dusted peaks: The bright wildflowers of Snaefeelsjokull contrast with the frozen mountains in the background

    On the road: Driving alongside a fjord, it is unlikely you'll bump into too many tourists, instead enjoying just the scenery for company

    'I get a really positive reaction from people that see my photographs, the usual reaction is "wow".

    'We do need to care and protect the world's wilderness areas from development.

    'I think our modern civilisation is far too much involved with money and not considering the environment.'

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    I'm Icelandic and I have see a great deal of my country. However I regularly see pictures like this that continue to astound me.

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    Caramel and Chocolate are both from Iceland?

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    I'm trying to convince my family to go there next summer for vacation. It's just so beautiful!!!

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    Astounding. Sometimes it's hard to believe this kind of beauty still exists on our planet.
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    My husband and I are getting obsessed with Iceland and Greenland trip planning. Now it's hot, he keeps asking me to check the temperature in the town of Nuuk. (It's in the 30s lately.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    Caramel and Chocolate are both from Iceland?
    Caramel is Finnish.
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    Its weird its like some of those are so beautiful my brain can't process them.
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    I would love to travel to Iceland once in my life.

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    literally breathtaking pictures. wow.
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    I keep trying to talk MrBoogs into retiring there. It's far away, but no one we know will come a'knockin. Plus, I have heard nothing but good things, from people who have actually been there.

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    i am dying to go to iceland. have been for years.
    (those pictures are mega cheesy though. [/photo snob] )
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    Really beautiful. I would love to go one day.

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    Himself keeps suggesting it as a dream honeymoon location. I think I'm sold on it now.
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    Sorry, I'm necroing this thread because I'm currently planning my summer vacations to Iceland and I was wondering if you guys had already talked about it and I found this.
    God it's beautiful, I can't wait to be there ! (I need a real camera)
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