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Thread: Thistle Hotels in London?

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    Default Thistle Hotels in London?

    I'm going over in Nov and found a good rate at the Thistle Heathrow Hotel. Any Londoners know of this chain and would you recommend it? I want to be near the airport and dd6 wants a pool which they have. It's only for 1 night so we can take the tube in to see Mary Poppins then we'll head off to Southampton for a week. TIA!

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    Default Re: Thistle Hotels in London?

    I don't know the hotel, but you do know Heathrow is a fair hike from the centre of London? If it was me, I'd rather stay in the city than near the airport.
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    Default Re: Thistle Hotels in London?

    Heathrow is about 15 miles west of central London. This hotel isn't anywhere near any tube station - you'd need to take either a shuttle bus to the airport terminals or other public transport/taxi. There's a reason why it's cheap! It's a bog standard businessman-type hotel with few frills but that's probably OK for one night. There are lots of other Thistle hotels in central London who might do you as good a deal if you shop around. Unfortunately hotel accommodation in the UK, particularly London, is outrageously expensive. Good luck!
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