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Thread: Holograms replace airline workers in Paris, are more patient than the real thing

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    Default Holograms replace airline workers in Paris, are more patient than the real thing

    Holograms replace airline workers in Paris, are more patient than the real thing | Tecca

    Usually we worry that robotic automatons are taking our jobs, but this time around holograms have weaseled their way into one airport's workforce. In Paris, one major airport is piloting a test program that replaces gate workers with holographic projections that look just like the real thing — and they don't ever seem frustrated about that extra carry-on you tried to sneak on board.

    When it's nearly time to bust out your boarding pass, a living, breathing boarding agent can push a button to fire up the holograms, which then do part of the work, welcoming passengers and providing information about the status of the flight. The projections, which are beamed onto a human-shaped piece of plexiglass, look and sound like the real thing. See for yourself in the video below.

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    Seems to be a hit with kids!
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    I wonder if they're as incompetent..
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    If they can do anything about screaming babies and kids kicking me in the kidneys, I'm all for it.

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