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Thread: Corse, France

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    Default Corse, France

    I'd like to visit the island on Spet. (also called Corsica)
    Does anyone know what are the prices there? Someone told me it's like Monaco, a resort for the rich people of France.

    Is it worth travling?

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    you already know.


    wow, sounds fabulous either way

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    I was there some years ago and it was expensive, similar in prices to the cote d'azur. You'll need a car to really see the island, but lots of people just go to Calvi and stay there. The island was beautiful, and definitely worth exploring. Excellent food and the local wine was great.

    Sardinia is very similar, and less expensive, so if money is an issue you may want to look at Sardinia as an option.

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    Corsica is very beautiful but these days it can be pricey, especially on the coast. Some places are more expensive then others depending on how touristy it is. Sardinia is cheaper but avoid the Costa Smeralda on the north coast which is a millionaires haven. If you do go to Corsica don't miss Bonifacio on the southern tip of the island. Calvi is interesting mainly for the super hot French Legionnaires wandering the streets (there's a garrison there).
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    left coast


    did a bike tour of corsica and loved it.

    prices were not great but still worth it. varied terrain and agree with wcg, foods and local wine were very good.

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    You guys happen to know how cheap Sardinia really is? I heard it's lovely and cheaper than north Italy (and AO said is cheaper than Corse), but is it like Malta cheap or Sorrento cheap?

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