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    Red face Free Volunteer Around the World

    I am looking for websites/places where I can volunteer in exchange of accommodations. My passion is working with animals, does not really matter where (though I prefer north America or Europe).

    I know about projects in Italy where you can live with an Italian family, sleep and eat there, and in exchange teach them English. Those programs sound great, but I only found ones who charge a big amount of money (300$-500$ for 2 weeks). I know there are lots of animal volunteering opportunities is Africa and south America, but they cost a lot of money too. They say this is a donation - I'd love donate time, experience and energy, but hundreds of dollars are too much for a student like me.

    Please help

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    I don't know of any, but this sounds like a great idea. I hope someone on here can help. Fingers crossed!
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    you already know.


    me too for you!

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    Would you like to try a workcamp maybe? I have friends who were in France and Italy on workcamps and had a great time. This site looks like a very good resource to find something and lots of the programmes I browsed are completely free.

    I don't see any Greek programmes in that site but if you'd like to work with animals there are usually some nice WWF Greece volunteer programmes every summer. I can't seem to find any from this summer yet but it's usually in the island of Zakynthos to help with sea turtle protection (protect their nests) and that sort of thing. There might also be programmes for seals.

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