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Thread: Le Royal Monceau Hotel - Paris

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    Default Le Royal Monceau Hotel - Paris

    Paris loves to show off. The recently re-opened Le Royal Monceau is by far the showiest hotel in which the TCH team has ever stayed. This is a storied hotel and a location with a fantastic, historical past, but the latest incarnation is reimagined by Philippe Starck.

    The entry to Le Royal Monceau is super-grand, from the six doormen to the first glimpse of the foyer — it feels like you’ve walked onto the movie set of Eyes Wide Shut. The luxe-chic interiors are the grandest we’ve seen but it’s somehow magically NOT over the top. It works in Paris; it really works wonderfully.

    The Cool Hunter - Le Royal Monceau Hotel - Paris

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    Not too shabby!!! Great rooms, wow.
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    love the little tables and chairs in the 2nd pic, not a fan of the restaurant in the 3rd pic though. the rooms aren't really my style either.
    plus, it makes me sad when they take classy old world luxury hotels and turn them into a typical boutique hotel.
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    Love the floating bed.

    Sput - I toured the old Lancaster Hotel in Paris but only saw the redo in a magazine. I was disappointed. It had that faded elegance back in the day but it wasn't run down looking at all. They should have carried that over.

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    I hate hotels. I see no reason to make an exception for this place.

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    That Hall Of Mirrors bathroom would be a nightmare, especially when drunk and/or with hangover afterwards. The rest is OK but when I stay in a hotel I like old fashioned elegance with hints of Liberace.
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    That hallway is seizure inducing.
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    you already know.


    ugh, ill never get to stay there or even enter

    *le sigh*

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