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    Default Mazzo - Amsterdam

    In Amsterdam's restaurant scene, the names of Bert van der Leden, Douwe Werkman and Rob Wagemans pop up constantly, and usually all together. Werkman and van der Leden wield their influence through IQ Creative, a restaurant and hospitality conglomerate that is best known for the Supperclubs around the world, but also operates Witteveen, Nomads, Vyne, Envy and Nevy in Amsterdam.

    Mismatched chairs, exposed brick walls, rough wooden shelving, sepia-toned images and GUBI and MOOOI lighting manage to give the mismatched spaces a cozy sense of an impromptu meeting place where mums could meet for lunch and moguls could convene for an important deal

    The Cool Hunter - Mazzo - Amsterdam

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    I want to go to Holland in the worst possible way, and would of course get to Amsterdam. This looks like a very interesting restaurant! I would love to see it in person.

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    Except for the first pic, looks like the cafeteria at Ikea.
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    Very nice design. One more interesting place to visit in Amsterdam

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    It reminds me of the modern version of Pain Quotidien if those are communal tables. I love Amsterdam but never knew why I never got a full cup of anything. The glass was half full no matter what drink I ordered. I had a Dutch boyfriend and he'd fill my glass the same way and I didn't have the nerve to ask why.

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