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Thread: Pamukkale, Turkey

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    Default Pamukkale, Turkey

    Literally meaning 'cotton castle', this springs are the result of earthquakes. The waters are rich in minerals, particularly chalk, which has been deposited on the cliff over centuries, and now it looks like a white frozen waterfall, 2 700 meters long and 160 meters high. The hot springs is believed to have curative powers, healing arthritis and asthma. These properties were first noted by the Greeks and Romans who built the City of Hierapolis (Holy City) around the warm water springs below Pamukkale. The water is captured in a pool known since the days of the Romans as the "Sacred Pool."
    For many years, this used to be a quiet and unknown place, and the few people who visited it could enjoy the hot waters and relax in total quietness. But despite the modern development in this area, Pamukkale remains a magical place and one of Turkey's significant landmarks.

    Summer travel photos wanted -

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    you already know.


    wow, just wow. there are some places on this earth that just leave me speechless.

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    Ok, I will definitely go there. Maybe next year for a short trip. It looks amazing.

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    It is absolutely stunning!

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    This is gorgeous- had never heard of it before. Would be a beautiful place to visit.
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    Gorgeous! Never heard of this place before, but I'm studying Turkish for fun, and visiting Pamukkale will now be a longterm goal of mine.

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