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Thread: Ikies - Santorini, Greece

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    Default Ikies - Santorini, Greece

    Unlike the tourist-tainted landscapes of neighbouring of Cancun and other Caribbean resorts; Santorini, Greece provides a seemingly untouched backdrop of white hills, red beaches and blue seas.

    A gem of Santorini, the Ikies Traditional Houses, sits high atop the archipelago of islands in the village of Oia (pronounced E-ah). Ikies houses are divided into studios (one bedroom), maisonettes (loft bedroom), and suites. Each lodging has its own intriguing name — presumably derived from local occupations — such as artisan, boatman, collector and antiquarian.

    The eleven luxury dwellings are carved out of pumice and designed to blend in with the surrounding architecture — hence “traditional houses”. The theme of bright white with a highlight of blue windows, roofs and shutters create a mesmerizing effect when pared with the Aegean’s cerulean waters and red clay cliffs.

    Ikies makes brilliant use of their surroundings by perching their apartments on these cliffs, and expanding the space even further with private patios, Jacuzzis and pools, all of which are carefully crafted for viewing of Oia’s famous sunsets.

    Beyond the intricately detailed infrastructure, Ikies has become renowned for its obsession with service. One satisfied review read, “Their staff lives for nothing more than to refill your cocktail. Continental breakfast, light fare and cocktails are all served to your room (or terrace or pool area). For the romantically-inclined, Ikies also offers a full service honeymoon package, with champagne breakfasts, flowers, satin sheets and the works.

    With its full-service amentities and incomparable landscape, Ikies is a prime example of what this region has to offer. Stay tuned to Coolhunter to learn the ins and outs of the best places to vacation in Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens as we will be reporting live in September. By L. Harper

    The Cool Hunter - Ikies - Santorini, Greece

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    I want to GO!!!!
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    I wonder if that's where Brangelina went... From pics of the place it looked like Perivolas which is where my brother's girlfriend worked 2 summers ago but it might have been Ikies.

    I recommend Santorini, it's a truly gorgeous place.

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    A little too much white, but other than that the place is great. Especially the cliffside view.

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    This is tremendous. Imagine whiling the day away on that patio with a smooth cool glass of wine in my hand, a basket of chewy bread and a plate piled high with cheeses and fruit. Oh yeah.
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