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Thread: Papua New Guinea's tribes and traditions

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    Default Papua New Guinea's tribes and traditions

    Papua New Guinea (PNG) is home to hundreds of distinct traditional social groups, or tribes, many of which have only recently been in contact with the outside world. While some groups number in the thousands, many have just a few hundred members. Over 800 languages are spoken in PNG, and tribal identities and traditions remain fundamental to the fabric of Papua life.

    Traditional dress, face paint and headdresses are crucial to PNG ceremonies. Here, in the Bosavi region of the Southern Highlands, a member of the Kaluli tribe prepares for a "sing-sing" festival.

    The Huli tribe – also known as "Wigmen" – stem from Papua's Highlands. Before special gatherings and dances, Huli men spend hours preparing their make-up and costumes, which include elaborate ceremonial wigs.

    This ceremonial dance is known as the Bwetayobu.

    In the village of Kofure, women gather in the forest – which provides all that they need to make up their traditional dress.

    Canoes are crucial to the Papua way of life, such as these off the shores of the Trobriand Islands ...

    ... and the long canoes that drift along the Sepik River.

    In the highlands around Goroka lie the remnants of PNG's dark past.

    Here, the bones of victims of cannibalism are kept by the descendants of those who ate them, the caches guarded by children for visitors to see.

    Women of the Jebo clan have their faces decorated with intricate tattoos.

    Papua New Guinea's tribes and traditions - Telegraph

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    Way up ony my list of places I want to visit. Lovely pix.
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    I highly, highly recommend this book: Four Corners: A Journey into the Heart of Papua New Guinea (9780792274179): Kira Salak: Books

    One of the most fascinating things I've ever read, and it was unbelievably ballsy to me for a young woman, and a blonde woman who stuck out like a sore thumb at that, to take the journey solo... some of the stuff she dealt with was crazy dangerous.

    A blurb (ignore the cheesy Lara Croft comment)--
    Following the route taken by British explorer Ivan Champion in 1927, and amid breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, Salak traveled across this remote Pacific island-often called the last frontier of adventure travel-by dugout canoe and on foot. Along the way, she stayed in a village where cannibalism was still practiced behind the backs of the missionaries, met the leader of the OPM-the separatist guerrilla movement opposing the Indonesian occupation of Western New Guinea-and undertook an epic trek through the jungle. The New York Times said "Kira Salak is tough, a real-life Lara Croft." And Edward Marriott, proclaimed Four Corners to be "A travel book that transcends the genre¨It is, like all the best travel narratives, a resonant interior journey, and offers wisdom for our times."
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    Sounds like an interesting read. I watched a documentary on endo and exo cannibalism amongst a tribe and a disease called kuru that is like mad cow.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

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    Gorgeous pictures and I love the kids in the cave. I'm told first hand it's one of the most dangerous places they've ever been to.

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    I wonder if those are Michael Rockefeller's bones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post

    I wonder if those are Michael Rockefeller's bones?
    I remember reading about him. They thought that there still might be some cannibals around who would be interested in eating a Rockefeller.

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    Default Request Info

    Good day,

    I'm a french girl and I wish to visit PNG in 2011, would appreciate if you could tell me with wicht TO have been there? sorry for my english! many thanks in advance

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