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Thread: Tuscany in Winter

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    Default Tuscany in Winter

    Winter may be the best time to visit Tuscany, when the color palette shifts to bright green, cafes are filled with locals instead of tourists and the cuisine is at its freshest. At left, a view of the Val d'Orcia, known for the cypress trees that line its winding roads, in January.

    La Bandita, an eight-room boutique hotel, sits atop one of the cypress-lined roads that Tuscany is famous for.

    La Foce, a 15th-century villa, sits on 2,000 acres of rolling fields overlooking the storied Montepulciano vineyards.

    A view of the newly opened Le Terme Wellness & Spa, in Bagno Vignoni, a medieval village built on thermal waters.

    Tuscany in Winter - The New York Times > Travel > Slide Show > Slide 15 of 15

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    Oh yes. Wish I could zoom myself into these photos and be on vacation, stat.

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    ^ Yup to that. Beam me up/there!
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    I see this and feel homesick - like it is where I belong.
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    Tuscany is one of the most lovely places in the world. It's just wonderful, any time of the year.
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    My God, that first photo is beautiful.

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