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Thread: La Mamounia in Morocco

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    Default La Mamounia in Morocco

    La Mamounia has been the chicest hangout in the magical city of Marrakech since the hotel opened in the early 1920s. Jeremy Irons, Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, Salma Hayek, Brad Pitt, and countless other boldface guests have bunked here. Called “wickedly expensive” by mystery novelist Agatha Christie—the prices are still staggering—it’s now been revamped in a $175 million three-year-long gut renovation by French design star Jacques Garcia.

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    i went to la mamounia before they revamped it - didn't stay there since i was on more of a backpacker budget - but had a drink at the bar and spied around a bit because my parents had stayed there a few years earlier and told me how gorgeous it was. it's kind of legendary so i wanted to see it. i like that they updated it while retaining the original character.
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    The bedroom/linens - stunning. I'd like to see what my 7 cats would do with that.
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    I looked into staying there, ridiculously expensive!

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    love the bedroom!
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    the bedroom seems nice .. the rest? not so much for me.
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