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    Default Mt Fuji Golf

    Mt Fuji Golf, Japan Photo-Post | Shibuya246

    Mt Fuji Golf

    Nov 8th, 2009 I went on a trip to Mt Fuji to play golf with friends. The weather was perfect and the views of Mt Fuji from the course, amazing. I spent more time snapping photos than hitting golf shots. Every hole seemed to have a better and better view. We played over 2 days at 2 different courses. Hope you enjoy!

    #1 Golfers in action. My friend takes a shot at Mt Fuji. At least it was easy to pick a target in the distance and aim for it

    #2 Nice pale blue shadow being cast off by Mt Fuji as we start play at Asagiri Country Club

    #3 Shot of the moon above the mountain range here. I think the discussion on the tee was about how far the previous drive had gone. Only the good shots were remembered.

    #4 Getting the all clear sign with the Fuji-san in the background. If there was lava running down the side of the mountain we might not be getting the thumbs up

    #5 Everywhere we looked the mountain dominated the landscape. Made for a great day out

    #6 The course didn't need any water features or statuesque objects. Its main feature was Fuji-san

    #7 It was hard to keep the attention focused forward here as we teed off with Fuji-san in the background

    #8 The views just kept coming. It almost looks like this picture was taken and then Mt Fuji was painted in afterwards

    #9 Getting set to tee up for the next shot. Mt Fuji beckons

    #10 Bending down to tee up the ball, I think I managed to obscure the mountain

    #11 The weather had got a bit cooler in the afternoon so time to don a hat. The shadows make the grass look bare, but it was actually in fairly good condition

    #12 My friend having a bit of fun with Mt Fuji

    #13 and now really starting to poke some fun at the big mountain. Maybe we should have brought out a kettle and pretended to pour water in the top of the crater

    #14 The sun begins to set on the other mountain range. It gets dark early now, around 5pm

    #15 Walking back to the club house grabbing a final view of Mt Fuji from today's play

    #16 The second day we drove 10 minutes to a course called Asagiri Jamboree. It also had stunning views of Mt Fuji

    #17 The first tee box showed a nice wide open fairway. This was about the only hole not to have a view of Mt Fuji

    #18 The haze was a bit thicker on the second day, but the mountain still stood out as a strong image. Cant remember where this shot went, but the target line was directly at Mt Fuji

    #19 My turn for a hit now. Hitting up towards big targets like this really helps you to focus on where you are aiming

    #20 From driving to putting, Fuji-san kept following us around

    #21 Another hole, another great target to aim for. I don't know how they managed to keep the holes facing at Mt Fuji. The designers must have had a lot of fun when they first laid out the course

    #22 Open fairways, blue skies with a set of clouds just hovering below Fuji-san. It actually got quite hot during the day, around 20 Celsius

    #23 Looking back at one of the other mountain ranges, there were many people out gliding. It seemed to be very popular and no doubt took a lot of coordination to avoid the fellow gliders in flight

    #24 Coming in for lunch, the weather had cleared even more and the color of Fuji-san was looking much clearer. This is in front of the club house

    #25 Asagiri Jamboree has 3 sets of nine which allows them to mix them up for 3 different 18's

    #26 The view from the lunch room was equally good. On the main island of Japan most golfers stop for lunch after nine holes and then go back out to finish the round

    #27 Heading back to the course, Mt Fuji was calling us

    #28 The tee ground was set up with this picture perfect background

    #29 Time to smack the white ball down towards Fuji-san again

    #30 The colors defintely improved as the haze lifted after lunch

    #31 Decided to set the camera down in the grass and look up at Mt Fuji at this point

    #32 Titleist got in on the action. Had difficulty trying to keep the focus on both the golf ball and the mountain at the same time

    #33 Mt Fuji peaks through some of the trees on this Par 3 hole

    #34 One of my favorite holes of the day. You have to hit down to a lake and then wait for the green to clear before hitting over the stream with Fuji-san in the background. Perfect setting

    #35 It was a great days golf in a perfect location. The weather couldn't have been better. Definitely will be back here for more golf next year

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    I don't even play golf but I'd go. Just let me drive the golf cart around. This place is beautiful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelais View Post
    I don't even play golf but I'd go. Just let me drive the golf cart around. This place is beautiful!
    I'm right behind you.

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