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Thread: Metro Station Drassanes, Barcelona

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    Default Metro Station Drassanes, Barcelona

    An existing subway or metro station does not give much room to creativity. Drassanes is a metro station in Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella district at the old docks of Port Vell.
    The original station was built in 1968. Eduardo Gutiérrez Munné and Jordi Fernández Río, the 31-year-old partners of ON-A Arquitectura ON-A ARQUITECTURA · BARCELONA · LABORATORIO DE ARQUITECTURA, had no other option but to accept the limitations of the constricted space and make the best of it by covering the old station with new surfaces. They decided that a subway car already has everything a passenger needs and proceeded to create a station that emulates the feel of (a) subway cars. Light-weight, white glass-enforced concrete covers the vertical surfaces and a resin component helps make the white floors vibration-proof.
    The overall feel is clean and open, something that could not be said of the old station. Eduardo Gutiérrez and Jordi Fernández have completed several public and commercial projects, from hotels and bars to stadiums and zoos. They established ON-A in 2005. - Tuija Seipell

    The pics won't post but they are at this link

    The Cool Hunter - Metro Station Drassanes, Barcelona

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    Oh wow, that looks really neat, very streamlined and modern. This must have been recently finished I don't remember seeing it before I left a couple years ago.

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    It reminds me of something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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