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Thread: Colorado's sand dunes

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    Default Colorado's sand dunes

    In southern Colorado, tucked in the curve where the Sangre de Cristo range meets the San Luis Valley, 30 square miles of sand piles up in dunes as high as 750 feet.

    Just outside the park, the Nature Conservancy manages a herd of 2,000 American Bison that roam on the 103,000-acre Zapata Ranch.

    A no-trespassing sign at Colorado Gators. Tilapia farmers in the area originally introduced alligators as garbage disposals for fish carcasses, but the crocodilians soon became a tourist attraction.

    Colorado's Sand Dunes - The New York Times > Escapes > Slide Show > Slide 12 of 13

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    No desire to go there. Sand dunes must be within eye shot of a beach otherwise they don't interest me.
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    They are fun to dune buggy in though, a blast!
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