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Thread: Hotels with extraordinary swimming pools

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    Default Hotels with extraordinary swimming pools

    Ten hotels around the world with the most bizarre and beautiful swimming pools.


    Hong Kong
    The Intercontinental Hotel's infinity pool - situated on the roof of the building - offers breathtaking views over Hong Kong. The five-star hotel also boasts five restaurants, a spa and a fitness centre.

    Adler Dolomiti Spa and Sport Resort

    Southern Tirol
    This five-star resort in the middle of the Dolomites features a 35C saltwater pool, a large outside swimming area and a hot whirlpool with a panoramic view of the Alps.

    Ubud Hanging Gardens

    The Ubud Hanging Gardens resort - accessed via a private aerial ropeway - has several pools extending over multiple levels while each room has access to its own private pool.

    Gran Hotel La Florida

    The 37-metre pool at the Gran Hotels La Florida offers stunning views of Barcelona from 500 metres above the city.

    Cavo Tagoo

    Guests at the Cavo Tagoo on Mykonos can enjoy cocktails and Mediterranean views from the comfort of this gorgeous infinity pool. Designer lighting provides further atmosphere after dark.

    Rogner Bad Blumau

    The draw of this Austrian hotel is its thermal springs, which provide an ideal opportunity to recover from a day's trekking in the surrounding countryside.

    Rio Calma

    Located on the sandy beach of Costa Calma, the Rio Calma hotel features a huge pool and saltwater lagoon with a perfect view of the Atlantic.

    Golden Nugget

    Las Vegas
    Where else could you find an integrated swimming pool and shark aquarium? Only a glass wall separates the big fish on display and visitors to the Golden Nugget Hotel.

    Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa

    Lying among Arizona's spectacular Red Rock State Park, the Enchantment Resort offers panoramic mountain views and cave-like accommodation.

    Atlantis Palm Resort

    Featuring a 28-metre waterslide and a zone where guests can share the water with dolphins, the swimming pool at the Atlantis Resort in Dubai is typically outrageous. Its underwater aquarium also features 65,000 species of marine creatures.

    Hotels with extraordinary swimming pools - Telegraph

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    i like the hong kong, bali, arizona and tirol ones.
    the atlantis dubai and the vegas ones are really tacky.
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    I love the Hong Kong, and Arizona pools..

    The Dubai Atlantis pool looks so tacky and fake...
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    I love the Hong Kong, Bali, Steiermark and especially, the Rio Calma. Ummmmmmmmmmm.

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    Love the one in Bali!! I could never swim in the one with the sharks. It would just freak me out...

    I love the pool at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. It has a lazy river that you float on in innertubes with your favorite beverage. It's a bit tacky but so relaxing.

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    They are all gorgeous!

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    Ooh, I've been to this one in Barcelona! Didn't get to see it during the day though, we were there for dinner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i like the hong kong, bali, arizona and tirol ones.
    me too.

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    You can tell I am a pool owner because my first thought was: How in the hell do you clean them things?!?

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