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Thread: Anyone from the Persian Gulf?

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    Default Anyone from the Persian Gulf?

    I live in Doha, Qatar. Anyone from Qatar too? Dubai? Kuwait?
    We work here.. thought maybe there are other people from here?

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    No, but I've been to Azerbaijan and Turkey, and we worked in Russia for years. I miss it desperately.

    Admittedly this is a fairly crappy expat website, but there are a lot of western women in here dragged off to barren oil countries with their husbands and trying to make the best of it. Have a look. Expat Women - Helping Expatriate Women Living Overseas - Expat Relocation Abroad - Expat Blogs

    I do know what it's like to be stranger in a strange land if you want to commiserate. Fire away.

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    Been to Dubai for a few days back in early 90's. Didn't have a lot of the cool buildings and stuff they do now but it was cool. I remember being amazed at this one mall that had the latest music and fashion items.

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    i knew a girl named Doha. She had the worst dandruff.
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