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Thread: OMG, I'm going to New York!

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    Default OMG, I'm going to New York!

    Ok, I know there's loads of threads about going to NYC but I'm soo excited! As some of you know I'm having a shitty McShit time with hubbo wanting to end the marriage. I have some time off next week and the thought of trolling around the house feeling sad doesn't appeal, so in a fit of pique/madness/stupidity, I've booked myself tickets to go to New York next week!

    I'm going for 4 nights and staying at this hostel called 'Jazz on the Park' dunno what it's like but their website makes it look pretty cool and it's not like I'll be staying there much- and hopefully there'll be other people there for me to chat to

    I can't believe I'm doing this, going half-way round the world all on my own, although weirdly one of my colleagues will be there around the same time...maybe we'll meet up!

    NYC here I come! Whoopee!

    Any tips on cheap stuff to do?

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    omg, I used to live down the block from Jazz on the Park. Haha, small world indeed. Around that part of town, there's really nothing super great. A good cheap day is walking down the side of Central Park until you hit the Museum of Natural History. A little bit north is Columbia University and there are a ton of bars and restaurants to try. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is close, that's an awesome hour to kill. If memory serves, they have peacocks on the grounds that you can feed. When you hit the Museum of Natural History, walk east through the park and you'll hit the Met and that place is awesome. Plus i think they'll still let you in for a quarter. The Whitney and MoMA and museums like that are cool but their tickets are pretty expensive if you're on a budget.

    When I lived on that block I was poor as hell and I always walked everywhere, it was pretty easy to get around and nyc is the best place to meander and clear your mind. Good luck and have a great time.
    Enjoy the liquor and delicatessen.

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    I second cock's suggestion about the Met. If you only have time for one museum, go there. I spent many a Sunday afternoon exploring that place when I lived in NYC. Good ambiance too. I like that area of the Park too. Have fun.

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    Good for you!! New York is full of interesting things to do and interesting people! I was lucky enough to spend some time there on business, I loved just walking for blocks and seeing all the sites.
    I found a website that may help you out...nycgo / free in nyc. Lots of ideas of free stuff.
    One thing that I found fascinating was Grand Central Station. It is so huge and full of places to eat as well as a farmers market.

    Have fun and be safe!

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    That's such a great idea, Rondette! I'm sorry about the crap part with your husband but yay, NYC! I loved just walking in that city, I fell absolutely, madly in love with it when I was there! I'm sure you're going to love it!!! Can't give many useful tips but seriously, if you enjoy walking try the main streets and it just feels so awesome cause there is so much to see! I hope the weather is going to be good for you!

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    you should check out grimm's thread, it's full of advice on stuff to do in NYC
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    how wonderful! i'm afraid NYC is one place i'm not good at economizing. my husband is not one given to appetite however he could eat his way around the city. we find everything from steakhouses to sushi bars to coffee houses to partake of. when our daughter comes, a salon trip would be at the top of the list. i love bookstores and window shopping in general.

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    I'm going soon too! I hope you have lots of fun and tell us how it goes!
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    How was it??

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    Yeah, I'm keen to know too, especially after seeing Stef's review.

    And I have to say, how brave of you too, to go on your own!!!
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