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Thread: The world's most dangerous footpath

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    Default The world's most dangerous footpath

    At 3ft wide, 1,00ft high and more than 100 years old, the 'Caminito del Rey' could be the world's most dangerous footpath.

    These daring climbers are forced to attach themselves to a safety wire as they negotiate the world's most dangerous footpath Photo: SOLENT

    The walkway was built in 1905 as a way for workers to get between two power plants on either side of the gorge.
    However, now, more than 100 years later, much of the 'Caminito del Rey', or King's pathway, has crumbled away so that only the steel strut remains.
    Positioned 1,000ft above the river, the path, which is in the Malaga region of Spain, was closed to the public 10 years ago after four people died.
    But it still offers the ultimate challenge to daredevil ramblers who find their way around the blocked entrances.
    Most of the path has no handrail but ramblers can latch on to a safety wire attached to the rock.
    Gabriel Garcia, 33, a Spanish computer engineer, took the pictures as he took on the treacherous path with his cousin and three friends.
    The courageous group took two hours to get across, despite dizzying heights all made it in one piece.
    Mr Garcia said: "It was really scary at some stages.
    "Luckily neither of us put a foot wrong, as far as I can remember the only issue I had was losing my glasses.
    "It was kind of frightening to walk without being able to distinguish the depth of the cracks bellow my own feet - that left me dizzy enough.
    "We were wired to the rock and, although the floor was collapsed at many points, the wire looked new and safe.
    "At the end you have to abseil because at that segment there is no steel wire."
    Plans have recently been unveiled to restore the dilapidated walkway to its original form by reinforcing supports and relaying the surface of the footpath.
    The project also aims to make a section of the walkway accessible to disabled people.

    The world's most dangerous footpath - Telegraph


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    Oh hell no!! I would piss my pants and fall straight off the edge.
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    that's a really funny visual
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    Shit! Just looking at the clip made my heart skip a beat! The narrow path looks rather unsteady with the holes, and cracks, and gaps! There's no way in hell you'd catch me walking through that! Eek!
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    Looks like the roads in the south of France.
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    Urgh, I've seen that video before, it made me feel queasy then, and it still does! I would be the same as Angelais!

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    Looks like some of the paths in the Blue Mountains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelais View Post
    Oh hell no!! I would piss my pants and fall straight off the edge.
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