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Thread: World's ten cheapest cities

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    Default World's ten cheapest cities

    A survey has revealed the ten most inexpensive cities in the world.
    10 Tunis

    The tenth cheapest city in the annual survey was Tunis in Tunisia.
    Most African cities have become more expensive in the past year, according to consulting firm Mercer.

    9 Chennai

    Chennai (Madras), in India, was ranked cheaper than New Delhi and Mumbai, which both became considerably cheaper this year after the Indian rupee made a significant loss against the US dollar.

    8 Quito

    Quito, in Ecuador, was named the eighth cheapest city, the first of four Central and South American cities in the inexpensive top ten.

    7 Mexico City

    Mexico City came next as the seventh least expensive city, after living costs fell compared to last year.
    Most European cities were also judged to be cheaper in the 2009 ratings as many European currencies weakened against the dollar.
    Costs fell substantially in Warsaw, London, Glasgow and Birmingham.

    6 Auckland

    The cost of living in Auckland, in New Zealand, also fell this year. It was named the world's sixth cheapest city.

    5 Wellington

    Wellington, also on New Zealand's north island, is even cheaper.
    The survey could partly explain the island's reputation as a popular holiday destination if it offers such value for money.
    Australian cities also became dramatically cheaper this year, with Sydney sliding from 15th to 66th place in the list.

    4 Karachi

    Karachi, in Pakistan, is fourth cheapest among the cities of the world, coming in at 140th overall.
    It continues to be the least costly city in Asia.

    3 Asunción

    Third from top in the cheap list is Asunción, in Paraguay in South America. In 2008 it was the cheapest city in the survey.

    2 Monterrey

    Monterrey, in Mexico, was the next cheapest when goods such as housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment were measured.

    1 Johannesburg

    Finally, Johannesburg was deemed the world's cheapest city.
    Tokyo, named the most expensive city, is nearly three times as costly.

    World's ten cheapest cities - Telegraph

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    i'd live in auckland, wellington and mexico city.

    i didn't even enjoy visiting tunis (the rest of the country is nice though) so there is now way i would ever live there.
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    Mexico city is straight gangsta!!! How many of these cities are safe? Meaning low in crime?
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