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Thread: Sun and sand on the Tuscan Coast

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    Default Sun and sand on the Tuscan Coast

    Outside of Italy you hear so little about Tuscany's beaches that it's easy to forget that this sun-kissed region even has a stunning coast.

    The Grand Hotel Imperiale is the newest and brashest hotel in Forte dei Marmi. It opened about two years ago, setting a new benchmark for ostentation, manifest first and foremost in its obsession with marble.

    Sun and Sand on the Tuscan Coast - The New York Times > Travel > Slide Show > Slide 11 of 12

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    I was surprised to read that article by Frank Bruni in the NYT, it's not like the coast is not touristic, it's packed with tourists most of the year

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    yup. avoid italy in the summer if you can.
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    That last pic reminds me of that lone guy on the beach moments before the
    2004 Tsunami hit.
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