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Thread: Oceans of the world

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    Default Oceans of the world

    Novice and veteran divers travel the world to explore the undersea world. L.A. Times staff photographer Rick Loomis chronicles what lurks below the surface from the Palmyra Atoll south of the Hawaiian Islands to Australia's Great Barrier Reef to the Florida keys. For more photo galleries, visit our photography page.

    Florida Keys: Algae coat a bronze sculpture called Christ of the Abyss.

    Palmyra Atoll, Pacific: A red snapper, one of the top predators in the reefs of this area.

    Palmyra Atoll, Pacific: A researcher counts fish near a coral reef.

    Palmyra Atoll, Pacific: An arceye hawkfish seeks protection in a pocillopora coral.

    Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Blue-striped snapper school above staghorn coral.

    Palmyra Atoll, Pacific: Corals and reef fish in the waters roughly between Hawaii and American Samoa.

    Australia: A school of cardinalfish.

    Crystal River, western Florida: A manatee and calf.

    Palmyra Atoll, Pacific: A blacktip reef shark in the waters off the atoll.

    Travel photography: Under the ocean - Los Angeles Times

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    wow these are beautiful! they remind me of snorkelling in the mayan riviera, there were turtles! these are so gorgerous!
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    Wow, these are gorgeous.

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    Gorgeous photos! I love pics like this, there's something so eerie and surreal about them, so beautiful.
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    i have to admit, snorkeling or deep sea diving has never intrigued me. while i admire dolphins and whales and wouldn't mind seeing them close up, the idea of being around other marine life in their own habitat would scare the begeebers out of me. not to mention being that far underwater.

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    Tivia fact of the day...Palmyra Atoll is where the murders took place in 'And the Sea will Tell'.

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