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Thread: Enjoy a drink at this Texan bar - but watch out for the pool sharks...

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    Default Enjoy a drink at this Texan bar - but watch out for the pool sharks...

    Here's a bar with a difference - but you might want a stiff drink before stepping on the dancefloor.
    For nine inches beneath your feet are two species of shark and four species of stingray, all swimming around and no doubt peeking up at the tasty legs standing just above their heads.
    The bar, in Austin, Texas, boast a 20,000 gallon tank filled with black tip reef shark and leopard sharks.

    The QUA Bottle Lounge has a floor with a difference - sharks swimming around in a pool

    Underfoot: The sharks swim beneath the feet of brave drinkers at the Texan bar
    However visitors who feel they might needs a stiff drink before venturing inside can be reassured by the bar's safety features. Dancers are separated from the sharks by four 3in acrylic panels placed on top of each other, each weighing over a ton.
    And those worried about the shark's comfort and quality of life have been reassured by the bar's owners, who say there is a 9in gap between the water surface and acrylic surface.
    A spokesman said: 'It's physically impossible to disturb the water's surface from above the tank. The visual ripple on the surface is from the tank circulation system housed in a secure and soundproof room approximately 40ft away.

    The sharks are visible through clear acrylic panels, giving the brave dancer an extra thrill during their boogie

    'We have a staff of highly educated and well trained individuals who spent months researching and developing the exhibit. For daily care and maintenance we have an employee who was most recently employed at Miamiís renowned Seaquarium and responsible for the water quality of the entire park.
    'We are well aware that sharks have highly adept sensory features designed to pick up electrical impulses in the water.
    'We carefully observe our animals daily and have seen no signs of stress or change in behavior when people are present or music is played. Still, we have voluntarily contracted with an independent company to run a series of hydrophone tests in QUA.'
    However the unique bar has raised the ire of Peta, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who have complained about 'this cruel display'.
    The shark species were chosen for their compatibility, as well as their different behavioural patters, with the black tip constantly roving while the leopard enjoying leisurely naps at the bottom of the pool.

    The aquarium dancefloor is sure to rock the rhythm of a few movers and shakers

    The luxury bar offers spacious seating and a front-row view of the fearsome predators

    Enjoy a drink at this Texan bar - but watch out for the pool sharks... | Mail Online

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    It's different that's for sure! Pretty cool
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    kinda cool, might be interesting for about...10 minutes tho

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    pretty sure the sharks can feel the din of noise above them
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    I like this but prob wouldn't want to be dancing over them.

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