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Thread: The hotel suite in a plane that's crash bang in the middle of the jungle

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    Default The hotel suite in a plane that's crash bang in the middle of the jungle

    The location looks like a scene from TV drama Lost - a crashed airliner surrounded by miles of impenetrable jungle on one side and deep blue ocean on the other.
    But, in fact, the passenger jet is actually part of a luxurious hotel suite where highfliers can relax and enjoy the fantasy of being cut off from the rest of the world.
    The two bedroom suite is housed inside the fuselage of a 1965 Boeing 727 which was destined for scrap.

    High flying: Jutting out from a hillside, the jet offers views of the ocean and the jungle from wingside balconies
    Jutting out from a hillside, the plane offers spectacular views of the Manuel Antonio National Park's rain forest in Costa Rica from balconies built on each wing.
    Inside the refurbished airframe are two wood-panelled bedrooms, a kitchenette, dining room and living area and two bathrooms.
    It costs between £200 and £250 per night to book the unusual suite situated on the Pacific Coast.
    A spokesman for the Hotel Costa Verde described it as ‘the most exclusive hotel suite in Costa Rica’.

    Luxurious: One of the two teak panelled bedrooms in the suite at the Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica

    Wow factor: A balcony perches 50ft up on a wing decked out with a chandelier and hand-carved furniture

    In its former life the plane transported globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines.

    The giant was transported piece by piece from the San Jose airport to its current resting place on a pedestal 50 feet above the beach.
    Five big trucks were needed to get the plane out to the resort, and while the transportation certainly had a negative ecological impact, the finished project is a stunning example of adaptive reuse.
    The hotel spokesman added: ‘At this height, you will enjoy scenic ocean and jungle views from the hard wood deck built atop the plane’s former right wing.

    Fantasy land: The suite, costing up to £250 a night, also includes a kitchenette (left) and living room (right)

    ‘The plane’s interior is Costa Rican teak paneling from the cockpit to the tail. Furnishings are hand-carved, teak furniture from Java, Indonesia.
    ‘Enjoy an evening on the terrace while sipping a glass of wine and observing your tree top neighbours: sloths, toucans and monkeys.’

    The hotel suite in a plane that's crash bang in the middle of the jungle | Mail Online

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    That's crazy!

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    well, okay.
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    I saw something about a couple doing a lost themed nursery... wanna bet they wish they'd honeymooned here?

    It does seem really cool.

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    I think it's neat. I would love to stay in it for a night or two.

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    Cool idea, but there is just too much wood in the inside.
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    cool idea, fug decor.
    i'd redo it.
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    teak paneling? what a waste.

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