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Thread: The lake that Cupid made

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    Default The lake that Cupid made

    It seems an unlikely place to find such a symbol of romance. But Mother Nature chose this bleakly beautiful Arctic landscape to leave her mark in the form of a stunning heart-shaped lake.
    It has emerged as climate change melted the glacier that covered the area. Blocks of ice trapped during the glacier’s retreat caused the ground to cave in, creating a heart-like hollow, some 120ft by 90ft, that then filled with rainwater or snow melt.
    The picture was taken by French photographer Bruno Mazodier on Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago.

    Pool of love: The lake at Borebukta on the Norwegian island of Spitzbergen emerged after a glacier melted

    The Norwegian island 620 miles from the North Pole is the most northerly inhabited-place on Earth, although people are outnumbered by polar bears.
    Dr Bryn Hubbard, of Aberystwyth University, said: ‘The glaciers all through this island chain have receded, but the heart shape is an anomaly. You would do well to find another.’

    The lake that Cupid made (after global warming had melted the glacier) | Mail Online

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    That's amazing and so beautiful. The shape is a perfect heart, which makes it so special.
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    That is really nifty!!!

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    That is pretty damn cool.

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