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    Default Posada de Mike Rapu

    Chile’s Archaelogical Wonders Inspire a New Luxury Resort on Easter Island

    “We adjusted to the form and characteristics of the terrain,” architect José Cruz Ovalle says of Posada de Mike Rapu, an Explora resort he designed on Chile’s Easter Island. “It’s a place for relaxing and abandoning oneself to the solitude and mystery of the island.” Inset: Moai, monolithic stone figures made by the islanders beginning roughly 1,000 years ago, dot a hillside above the quarry at Rano Raraku in Rapa Nui National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Posada de Mike Rapu: Hotels:

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    i want to go to easter island. but not to a resort. i hear the best way to see it is to bike around the island and camp.
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    So I'll meet you guys at the bar, say 5ish?

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