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Thread: Meg Ryan has stopped injecting her lips with crazy

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    ^So glad to hear good stories about people being happy with the results. I'm getting an increasingly smaller upper lip with wrinkling long the lip line. I'm looking for something soon.

    My dermatologist, who does no cosmetic work at all, told me about his cousin, a smoker, getting lip injections to even out the distinctive wrinkle lines of a smoker's pucker and to address aging too. He said that he saw her after the procedure, but had forgotten that she previously mentioned her intention to undergo injections to him. He noticed that she looked great, but he couldn't place why until she told him. She had none of the duck lip (or that thing that looks like the lip of a jar lid), and she didn't look out of proportion or porn starish. That gave me hope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    I LOVE my botox. It has to be done by someone with a light hand. Done correctly it seriously takes 10 years off. I also loved the lip filler so much that when the restylane wore off the next time we did it permanently with liquid silicone. Here's the bad news girls, as you get older your lips start to disappear. You are not imagining it. The trick is to put back what you had, not go insane plumping them. Also, to avoid the dreaded duck lipped look, you have to put the filler in where the dry of your lip meets the wet NOT up in the dry part. Hurts like a MF, but only had to do it the one time
    I luv my Botox too Scooter, twice a year I get 2 areas done (forehead & glabella). I've a few forehead wrinkles 'cause my doc doesn't go too far out. If he did I would experience Ptosis, like what happened to Cheray.

    Quote Originally Posted by BBDSP View Post
    I think the joker effect might be from botox there. Some women are using botox near the lips to keep the corners of the mouth from drooping and prevent the lines that go from the mouth to the chin ('marionette lines') from deepening. I think that can give a jokerish effect.
    Yes, that's what some docs do, but not the ones I recommend to friends. The best docs use fillers to lessen the marionette lines and keep it natural-looking. There seem to be alot of plastic surgery junkies in LA and FL, but much less in DC.
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    Tonja, I think some of that is a regional thing. I live in the NYC surrounding area, and it's a different aesthetic than LA, for example.

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