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Thread: Esther Canadas' huge rubber tire lips

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    All Good Sunshine. I hadn't heard it until my hubby started saying it to me either...
    You were lucky to have me. But you know what? I think I already got the best part of you. And she's standing right out there. I don't know... what's left just doesn't look so good anymore. Hope Floats

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennonfan View Post
    Mark Vanderloo

    At first I thought that was Jim Carrey in the photo.

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    So what are they gonna start callin' her now? The Bionic Lips?? Xenia Cyborg???

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    pics are from

    does anyone have pic of here before this operation?
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    DSL is a common term among guys...'dick sucking lips'. I've heard that one a lot through the years....not towards me, but I've heard 'guy talk'.

    Also, I've never ever heard one man complain about women with big lips--ever. 99% of men love big lips on a woman and I guarantee you that Esther Canada, Lisa Rinna and Angelina Jolie's lips would be a total turn-on to A LOT of guys. I think women consider it more of a 'defect' than men do.

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