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Thread: Women drivers (warning: disturbing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    ^ That is Greek (c)rap. I'm not too fond of it as a genre The song says "Women, women everywhere around. But they are never enough. They are everything in your life. They make your life sexier with just a couple of glances"
    Well I liked it better when I didn't have the translation. Hahaha at least it's not "Fuck a Ho, Grab my Gat, Thug Life forever" lyrics like in American rap. Actually sometimes I wish our songs would be translated where I didn't have to listen to whack ass lyrics!
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial View Post
    I also choose to believe the rumors because I am, when it is all said and done, a dirty gossip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IheartParis View Post
    I lol'd at the woman who managed to flip her car over! The stactic electricity catching the gas on fire is scary. I always thought this was an urban legend but apparently it does happen (esp. in the winter). The gas station where I go warns people to not get in and out of their car, in part because it will built up static electricity!
    LMAO that car flip one was hilarious! You'd have to be REEEEEETARRRRRRRDED.

    And that fire thing is one of my biggest fears, has been ever since I saw it on Oprah 6 years back. I literally touch the metal of my car (whatever the coloured bit is) when I'm filling the tank, just in case.

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