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Thread: Top 10 Creepiest Things Children Have Said to Their Parents

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    I had a patient in my office once with her son who was about 4, an he was upset that he he had to be there with her. In the middle of the appointment, he looked at her and in a very serious voice tells her "When we get home, I'm going to stab you with scissors and kill you".

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    kids don't seem to understand "kill" is permanent prior to about 6 years old. I remember my niece, who is about 2 years older than my snowflake, saying to me - when snowflake was a month or two old "I'm gonna kill yo baby" while pointing a toy gun at him... I laughed - mostly because she had such a redneck accent when she was 2.
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    Oh these were great! Still chuckling. My kids have said some pretty good things. The best are some of the things dd has said to her little brothers. One brother said he was going to quit school. Her reply to him was, "What are you gonna put on your resume? Dumbass?"

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    My niece wouldn't go the bathroom alone until she was about six. She would get very chatty during the process. So my brother is in there with her. It's taking a while. "This is going to take FOREVER" she says, "Since you are older than me, you could DIE in here."

    Thanks, kid.
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    When my daughter was around 5 we were talking about the future and her graduating high school. She said I don't know why you care. You'll be dead by then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    Kids are weird and funny as hell. When my youngest brother was around 3, he loved telling stories about "remember when I was a grownup and in college".. and he would have the MOST elaborate stories about "when I was 23..." that you would just be amazed by the imagination.
    Mom said when I was little I used to tell her all about how great it was when I lived with santa same thing big ol' stories about it lol. I can remember actually believing I used to live with Santa lmao.
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    Those are hilarious! I know when I was a kid I said some evil things. My nephew seems to have gotten that. They were planning a trip to Sag Harbor and he asked if that's where his mom was from and laughed.

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    I love number 5. Still laughing 5 minutes later
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    Came across the original thread on Reddit, over 5000 posts. I've been reading them all slowly, day by day and shared some with my boys. They've done everything from wtf looks to howls of laughter. It's been an awesome read ... which I've discovered is best done well before bedtime.

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