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Thread: A tattoo gone wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Surely any spelling mistakes are down to the tattoo artist? Unless that girl specifically said it has to be "Tradgedy" in which case she deserves to have a permanent reminder of her stupidity.

    True story. Last year the Geelong Cats footy club won the AFL Grand Final and the fans went crazy. One guy decided to commemorate the historic win by having a tatt of the Cats logo put on his arm. He was overseas and he'd had a few celebratory beers so he carefully wrote on a piece of paper exactly what he wanted the tattoo to say.

    Tattooist takes Cats fan&squo;s request literally | Herald Sun
    I don't know. A professional tattoo artist will almost certainly do an outline of the tattoo and show it to you for placement approval before beginning the actual inking process. If this was the case, then I think they are both dumb. However, considering she is the one who has to live with the mistake for the rest of her life, I think she is the one who should have been responsible for spell checking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atrayubrandy View Post
    I have thought about getting a tattoo many times in my life but have always decided against it. I have done that enough times to realize that all of my ideas for tattoos are stupid and I am constantly thankful that I didn't permanently ink my body with whatever dumb idea I thought would look cool when I was 20. I love the look of tattoos but they are definitely not for me.
    same here. I'm so glad I never went through with any of them. I know I would have regret it.

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    tats are everywhere now, people look like walking billboards.

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