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Thread: Stupid things your co-workers have said

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    This thread has me in hysterics.

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    The darling I work with said "I don't like pasta, I only like spaghetti". During the same conversation she proclaimed to only like American pizza, not New York or Chicago style.

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    This was actually a friend of mine's co-worker, when she was working as a graphic designer in Florida..

    Friend: So I think we're getting the Jeb Bush contract...

    Cow-Orker: Jeb Bush sounds familliar. Who is he again?

    Friend: The Governor.

    Cow-Orker: I thought Arnold Swartzenegger was the governor?


    Friend...Governor of...?

    Cow-Orker: America?

    Friend: *head desk*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    OMG ITS BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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