This reminds me of the time I worked on the Jersey Shore boardwalk in high school. I was the manager and worked my ass off for this place. It was a clothing and accessory store, which also printed shirts with pre-printed sheets. The shirts were displayed ALL over since we had so many of them. This grandmother came in with her granddaughter, who couldn't have been more than 5-6 years old. The granddaughter picked out this t-shirt that said "I like to snatch kisses and kiss snatches". We had signs all over the place that said absolutely no refunds on custom made clothing, so I directed her to read those a few times (the owner, my direct boss, had me keep a very strict inventory count on the t-shirts and printed sheets, and was adamant about the no refund policy). I told her a dozen times that it was completely inappropriate for her age and was also directed at a different gender. I asked her two dozen times to re read the t-shirt so that she knew the sexual implications. I asked if there was another adult in her party that could explain how inappropriate this shirt was for a kid (that really pissed her off and she said something like, "how dare you imply that I can't take adequate care of my granddaughter). There were several kids, including hers, within earshot, so I didn't feel comfortable teaching her what a snatch meant. I left the t-shirt on the press untouched for over 8 minutes (with a solid line behind her), trying to get her to understand and pleading with her to just trust that it was a sexually explicit shirt and completely inappropriate for any child to wear. After all that, she finally broke down (after the next two females in line tried to explain what the shirt meant to her) and started screaming at me to just make the shirt, she's allowed to buy any shirt she wanted and THAT'S the one her granddaughter wanted, no exceptions.

By this time, I was so furious and frustrated (how can one person be so damned obstinate??), that I just said, please be aware that once I print this shirt, there were no refunds, and that was also no exceptions. She screamed at me about just printing the shirt and she would report me (to whom? The owner who doesn't care what your problem is, you're not getting a refund?). I printed the shirt. It took her only maybe 10 minutes (during which I had only gotten through maybe 25%-33% of the backlog of customers that she had created), cut through the long line of people and demand, cursing and all, a refund. Apparently, she found her daughter (the kid's mother) who flipped out and understood what the shirt meant immediately, and then said you need to bring it back. I apologized and said that I had spent an inordinate amount of time explaining that the shirt was inappropriate and that we had a no refund policy, with no exceptions, for custom printed t-shirts. She threw the t-shirt in my face (which then had my co-workers jump over the counter of their game stands to protect me) and stomped out, cursing the whole way. Maybe 20-30 minutes later, her son-in-law (the girl's father) stomped in (which again caused my co-workers, who were actively looking for more trouble with this customer, to jump their counters and run to my platformed register and t-shirt press) and tried to berate me into giving her a refund. Yeah, I could have pulled money out of my own pocket and made the problem go away, but I was so pissed off at that point about this absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary issue. They actually came back multiple times for three days straight trying to bully me into a refund over a freaking $7-$8 t-shirt, but luckily the last two days my boss was there. He was a foreigner and cursed them out in his broken English AND his native tongue (customer service was never his strong suit). It was absolutely one of the most stupid things I've ever been involved with.