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Thread: Modest swimwear

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    What's a google?????
    "I've cautiously embraced jeggings"
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    requirements met
    Quote Originally Posted by stella blue View Post
    I saw one a while back that had two guys dressed like pterodactyls and some chick doing stuff while a little unidentified dinosaur watched. It was at that point that I realized (hoped?) I'd reached the end of the internet.

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    They aren't modestly priced are they???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    What's a google?????
    Google it and find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aella View Post
    These remind me of the swimming costumes of the 1900s.

    yes, true. It seems so odd to us now. I bet they are heavier for sure. All that extra fabric.
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    ^^ Especially since the bathing costumes of the 1900s were sometimes wool.

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    Default wtf swimsuits

    I'm all for modesty. but seriously?! I think sometimes these people take it too far. Recently the Duggars participated in a walk/run for charity and the girls wore skirts, and the boys wore jeans, while they ran. That's crazy. If you're so against them showing their thieghs, then buy them some basketball shorts that go to the knees. For their daughter, Joy's, birthday, they took the whole family rockclimbing. I myself am a rockclimber, while my father is a professional rockclimber, so I understand how having your girls wear a skirt while participating in this is not very modest at all. you might as well just send them up there in their underwear! ALL the girls climbed in skirts, but all these people talk about is how modest they are. They also forbid dancing and say it's ungodly to "jiggle your body about" thre's many times of dancing. You'd think since they're so religious they'd encouage to dance when the lord fills their heart. I just think they deprive their kids of a lot of experiences.

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