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Thread: Massachusetts girls soccer coach resigns over hilarious but possibly insane email

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    I love it my dads on the state board for soccer coaches some of the parents are nuts!

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    I don't necessarily condone coaches yelling at refs, but it can get pretty frustrating when they constantly overlook blatant penalties and such. Not fair to the players. Go back to referee class or get a better set of eyes if you don't want to get bitched at.

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    He makes some good points. So many kids now expect to be praised for mediocrity. I think it goes along with why kids today also seem to feel more entitled to always be the center of attention. They are used to people praising them and telling them they're the greatest thing to ever hit the face of the earth even if they've completely fucked up. When they hit the real world, they're unable to cope with the world not kissing their asses.

    There is no competition, and the kids who do express disappointment about losing or excitement about winning are labeled "bad sports".

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