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Thread: Little French girl telling scary story!

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    Here's a vid of a 17 month old cutie, already addicted to a cell phone
    (don't know what language this is)


    Oh, and this is hilarious: a 2 year old trying to say "truck"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Painted Blue View Post
    how old is she do u all think??im guessing 4???mehhh
    From the other videos her Mom has,about 4 1/2. She is a doll!
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Oui,I have often been sprayed! LeFolie-does this sugar plum have a lisp? Because I am using it as a learnng tool!

    She has some sort of a lisp, but not exactly; i would say she has "a hair on her tongue" . Most kids that age do.
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