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Thread: "Just Like Mom" - pedo moments from an 80's Canadian kids gameshow

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    That was disgusting and uncomfortable to watch. Yuck!

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    I just want to puke.
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    He's dead now. I showed this to my college gothic lit. class. They all freaked out. The context was tyrannical perverted tyrants.

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    Fucking creepy. But I laughed at the "featured video" on the right hand side:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    Ugh. Those little girls look so uncomfortable.

    Many men from that generation think they can put their hands on females of any age. My dad's friends would put their arms around my waist and stuff like that, even when I was an adult. Women were just supposed to put up with it. Even without the disgusting kissing, the way he just drapes himself on them and invades their space is creepy and invasive.
    I remember too. Why do you think it was something they thought they could just do? Oh God, I remember going to my older cousin's house (like an aunt). She worked in the garment district in lingerie. Whenever we'd visit she'd give my mom all sorts of nice things. She gave me an assortment of training bras. She announced it in her living room!

    That body language that the girls have is what made me remember that creepy feeling. That - let me put my arm around you and give you a little squeeze because I'm 60 and everyone will think it's cute.

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    The original video was removed by the ever-annoying YouTube, but here's another...YouTube postings seldom work for me here for some reason but I'll put the link...

    YouTube - Creepy Canadian Game Show Kisses Just Like Mom

    Watching made me cringe. And it gave me total flashbacks of creepy guys who tried that with me when I was a little girl. I used to actually shove them away, lol. I particularly remember this one Spanish teacher. He was foul. He finally got in trouble over some girl and got his ass fired, but it took such a long time that I was through high school and all grown up before it happened! Our choir teacher was a perv too. Wouldn't give me roles in musicals because my father was onto his shit. Dad never discussed it with me explicitly but I realized years later that he made sure the choir teacher knew that he knew.

    Oh, and that teacher is a minister now!! Such an uncomfortable situation. All the other kids thought I had a good voice and would ask me, "your audition was great, why didn't you get a role?" and I couldn't even say what I was thinking. After I figured out the deal, I stopped auditioning in school and went to the local community theatre instead. Much nicer. But the sad thing is, there was one girl who became his "pet" and got all the leads. She became anorexic and alcoholic. I don't know what happened to her after high school, but my old friends and I all look back and feel so sorry for her.

    If this Fergie person wasn't a molester I'll eat my hat.
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    Whoa, just noticed this thread today. Un-fffing-believable!!!!!!
    How long did this show last?
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    I felt ill watching that. I hope some seriously nasty karma caught up with him.

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