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Thread: Jason Momoa and his grandma and other stuff

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    Nope. 1,000 times better looking without a beard. It's nice to see his face and jawline.

    I think 99% of men look better without a beard. Only those with weak chins and weirdly long/thin top lips look better with beards. But beards are still SO GROSS.
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    Yes, he looks great without it! It's a waste for someone who looks like this to have a nasty scraggly beard.

    I'm okay with well groomed ones.
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    I like his face. Looks nice without the beard.

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    I wasn't hopeful because I didn't find him attractive in his baywatch days, pre beard. But he's nicely aged and rugged now and still looks amazing without the beard. Can breathe again lol
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    He is one of the very few men I found hot as hell with a beard, but he's just as hot without it. I think he's just adorable. Not even close to my type, but lord, I'd wear his fine ass OUT.

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    He's a manly man and sweet and funny. It's the hot man trifecta.
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