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Thread: The Illuminati, the Conspiracy Theory That Connects Jay-Z and Queen Elizabeth

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    Oh gawd
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


    "What's traitors, precious?" -- President Gollum

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    The DIA murals are creepy as fuck. (And crappy from an artistic standpoint.)

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    Dita, far more events occur on dates that have no significance to the Illuminati than events that just happen to take place on a date which is supposedly linked to the Illuminati or the occult or whatever. All the people who believe in this stuff post the few things that they can link together by the number 12 or whatever but they fail to mention the other 99% of massive world events that are occuring on any normal, average, non-satanic date.

    I have a friend who I recently found out believes in all of this and truly thinks we're all idiots for not believing that the New World Order is happening. Just the fact that having a few hundred extremely arrogant and powerful individuals running the entire world under one jurisdiction is completely impossible - the egos would clash, they would all have their own personal agendas which would conflict with each other, and just the fact it's totally crazy. My friend truly believes the Bilderberg Group conferences are meetings about the NWO - uh maybe it's just representatives for finance, economics, social welfare, etc from various powerful nations meeting to discuss the current and future non-NWO state of things. He also thinks I'm really brainwashed for not being compelled to believe by an 8 minute YouTube video about Denver International Airport which has been found out to be a hoax by misleading with fake pictures and false information. I worry about society.

    eta: Illuminatifesto?
    And so, I will keep fighting to make the US a more progressive, multi-cultural country, and my fight starts on GossipRocks - mikesandy

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    ^^^ In addition to the point about egos, there's also the question of competence. World leaders can't hold a press conference without putting their boots in their mouths, but we're supposed to believe they can pull it together long enough to form a conspiracy?

    To me the craziest thing of all is that somehow Beyonce and Jay-Z are supposed to be involved. If there were really a cabal of secret puppet masters in charge of the universe, they would be white, male, and Christian.

    Anyway, my oldest brother believes in all this crap. The Illuminati, the NWO, believes they're responsible for 9-11, AIDS, tons of other things. And I'll say this for him: of all the dim-witted, racist, un-diagnosed schizophrenics I've ever met, my brother is definitely the dim-wittedest, racistest, and un-diagnosedest of all.

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    There are far too many with hands in the cookie jar, the only conspiracy is greed, disorganized greed.
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    That never made sense to me. Saying all these guys are in on it, why do they rub everyones faces in it, and above all that how in the World do they get along? Surely thered be corruption even in there with assassinations going and coming with people trying to take the top spot almost daily.

    And honestly, rappers and pop stars? Really?
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    dita, seriously, get some help.
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    Yes, no joke Dita, you need to speak with a professional. Not fucking about at all, this could possibly be a sign of a serious disorder.

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