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Thread: This Is How White People Have Sex

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    you already know.


    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Face View Post
    It looks like Perez Hilton has pictures also - the erect wang has a black bar accross it however, he usually provides the uncensored photos if you click.
    that was gonna be my new avatar

    its hilarious that he's walking around on a roof w/ a boner

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    team roof fuckers!
    i can't believe they kicked him out of his frat. you'd think this would be a crowning achievement for any self-respecting fraternity and that they would celebrate it.
    I'm sure they would celebrate if he had worn something over his face so he could not be identified. Now he brought negative attention so they have to act. Too bad.
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    What a story he has to tell Why did you get kicked out of the fraternity? For fucking a chick on the roof!!! There is no bad ending for this guy - the girl? Probably another story for her
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    not to mention the black bar makes his peen look bigger lmao
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