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Thread: How much of a bitch are you? Quiz

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    Your Score And Rating

    Score: 20 / 26
    Rating: Devious Little Bitch

    As a devious little bitch, you LOVE juicy gossip and rumours! You lap them up like a hungry little kitten and then go spread them to the rest of the world like an STD. You really don't care whether or not they are true - just so long as you have something to gossip about with your friends, and make them Oooh and Aaah with wonder and amazement. I'm guessing your mobile phone is your most prized possession and you can't live without instant messengers like MSN, etc. You feel the need to get revenge on those who annoy you, but you handle it a more discreet manner when compared to a total psycho bitch. Your bitchiness may have earnt you some level of popularity amongst your peers but beware - it won't be long before one of them stabs you in the back with the 'bitch dagger!'

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    Score: 24 / 26
    Rating: Part-Time Bitch

    You are a sweet mannered chick who very rarely suffers from lobsters up her ass. You're not really bitchy by nature which means you are no threat to society or your friends. As a matter of fact most people think of you as a charming little femme who loves life and everything in it. However, you are no doormat for arrogant people to wipe their feet and stomp on! Anyone who crosses your path and pisses you off in a big way is going to get a pointed stick shoved up their ass as a warning! Rare as it may be, you only lapse in to your bitchy side in an emergency when you feel the need to do something really fast. Besides all that, you really are a sweet natured, lovable little creature who everyone gets along with.

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    Score: 0 / 26
    Rating: Super Megabitch!

    Congratulations, you're a seven star bitch! What can I say? You truly are the antithesis of humankind! You're the kind of girl who would backstab your own Mother to get hold of her jewellery and her younger boyfriend. You have no concept of kindness towards others, because its not in your nature to be nice. You've totally rewritten the rules of life to ensure survival of the fittest, but have you ever wondered why your 'best friend' changes every 6 months? Have you ever wondered why you've never been able to hold a job for more than 2 weeks? Have you ever wondered why every man you meet is a 'pig who avoids your calls'? Maybe its about time you made some serious changes in your life and found a way to remove all the lobsters which are jammed up your ass. In the meanwhile, please stay the hell away from me as I would very much like to keep my balls!

    Here is your personal banner which contains your official bitch ranking:

    No surprises here. I'm a perfect lady & a raging bitch ...
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
    twitchy molests my signature!

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    Well I took it just for fun(even though I am a guy and had to guess at some of that stuff since I cannot imagine being in a postion of having a tampon handy for example).

    Well guess what I got?

    Also some of that stuff is misleading. Like the overweight girl out of money for lunch who has been hitting on the boyfriend. I chose number one. I would give her the money. In fact, I would volunteer to go get her some lunch myself, as I was just going out. Then I would come back with one taco for me from Taco Bell, and that $8.99 deal with five bean burritos and five tacos for her. And I would offer to buy her lunch several times a week, and get the bitch the same damn thing, and encourage her to scarf it all down! I would also mention(lying of course) about how I need to put on more weight and should be eating more, since my boyfriend really really likes 'fleshy' women.

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