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Thread: Ghost Granny - real or fake?

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    SO fake.

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    Default It's an ad campaign

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    The Elevator Ghost Hoax
    A viral video making the rounds since March appears to be a snippet from a security cam tape showing the ghost of an old woman haunting a well-known office building in Singapore. As the video unfolds, two workers enter the elevator, ride down a few floors, then exit, revealing a ghostly, stooped figure who slowly shuffles off after them.

    The effect is creepy, but it isn't real. The video is a promotional gimmick dreamed up by ad agency McCann Worldgroup for the GMP Group, a job recruitment and human resources consultancy based in Singapore. The ruse was revealed in a statement by Josh Goh, GMP's Manager of Corporate Services: "We created the online hoax now known as the 'Raffles Place ghost.' We want to highlight the dangers of working late. Stress, fatigue, ill health are just a few. And, if you're really, really unlucky, you might see a ghost. Just kidding."

    According to a representative of McCann Worldgroup Singapore, who characterized the campaign as "a defining piece of Singapore advertising," the video cost a total of $100,000 to shoot.

    The Elevator Ghost Hoax

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    its a fake...its been proved.

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    I thought it was funny! Definitely fake.

    I was watching the screen on the top right hand side as theres a shadow that looks like the silhouette of an old lady, so I nearly missed the actual granny ghost. She was so slow I bet she got caught in the door of the lift

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    Lol, fake.
    Darling... Stop confusing me with your wishful thinking....
    Bang goes another kanga on the bonnet of the van...
    Too soon to be out of me bed

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