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Thread: Final words from Death Row inmates....

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    Some of them are actually kinda sad.

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    Here is an interesting link of people executed in Texas. It has their photos, crime and last words. Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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    Ah, brings back memories. Some of these guys, their last words were relayed to me via phone after I told the warden to flip the switch, so to speak. Don't be fooled, they're a bunch of lying, violent sociopaths....none of my cases were innocent by any stretch, the evidence was abundant. One of my faves, who I had to sit next to in court, stabbed and slashed his next door neighbors dozens of times each until the knife broke off in one of them, and THEN raped them as they were dying (gnarly crime scene photos, by the way).

    Here are his last words:
    Kathy, y'all take and I bless all of you and I am glad I have had y'all in my life. As I have said from the very first thing, I am innocent of this crime and God knows I am innocent and the four people that was murdered know I am innocent and when I get to heaven I'll be hunting you and we'll talk. I feel sorry for the families that's had to suffer and my family and I have 'em all in my prayers. I love you all. Y'all take and y'all look after Sheila and Shannon and them, call 'em and get the pictures to 'em and everything and, ah, again, like I said, I feel sorry for the families, but if it takes my death to make them happy, then I will bless them. I have no hard feelings toward anyone cause the Lord feels that it is my time to come home to Him, my work on earth is done and that, ah, like I said, I am just sorry for, but they will have to go through this one time again, cause sooner or later, whoever did this crime is going to be caught and they'll have to come down here and do this again and they will realize they witnessed an innocent man going to be with Jesus Christ.

    Adios, mofo.
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    Look at all the people and small children they killed without a thought. Or the guy who raped a 3 year old & killed the policeman who tried to arrest him. They all needed killing-at least they got a trial and a quiet death. Unlike the victims.
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    Yeah, I was googling the offenders of the random quotes, and man, were those horrific crimes. Baby killers, etc. One guy stabbed his girlfriend to death in front of her twelve-year-old. The twelve-year-old tried to attack him with a broom, he grabbed the broom from him/her, hit them with it so they fell back, and then continued to stab the mother with the broken broomhandle. Another one stabbed a three year old multiple times after attempting to kill his mother. It was brutal to google those people.
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    ^ I don't think I can stomach googling any of them. It upsets me when idiot women become their pen pals and marry their sick asses.
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