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Thread: Easy there, President Obama!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cupcake View Post
    Even if he WAS look, no big deal. And as far as her being 16, she doesnt really look 16. People are making a big deal out of nothing. I think its quite funny. He aint dead, he is a living breathing man
    I completely agree with you. Men AND women look. We all do it and sometimes we get caught. We were in the car today and some young, very nicely built man was running along the street with his shirt off. He was running towards us, so it was unavoidable to not see him, I tried to discreetly look and when I looked over at my husband he was watching me. We just laughed, obviously he noticed the half naked guy too and wanted to see if I was going to look. Can't help it sometimes!

    Obama wasn't looking, but even if he was, who cares!

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    Boys will be boys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    The look on Sarkozy's face in the picture on the left is even funnier than the one on the right. And Berlusconi's in enough trouble with the ladies.

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    Haha awesome photo, the look on Sarkozy's face is hysterical, I love unintentional funnies. He looks like a little garden gnome next to Obama.
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on

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